Chimney Rock Getaway, Chimney Rock Getaway
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Chimney rock and Lake Lure

If you’re looking for a vacation that is both relaxing and adventurous, you’ll find it in Chimney Rock. This town offers beautiful scenery,  a lake full of water activities ,including two water slides, Theres even a gem mine here , where your kids get to pan for their own gems !. Take a hike or an elevator ride up the mountain, where the views of Hickory Nut Gorge is spectacular.  Stuff your back packs with all the goodies and  head up the Chimney for a truely unforgetable experience . You can hike up or down to the water falls . Your Not an outdoors person? Explore downtown Ashville, and you won’t be disappointed. Hit up the Museum of art or the worlds famous Biltmore Estate, grab a cone, and walk down the cobblestone streets. Enjoy the many handcrafted stores in town, where they actually make everything from soap, candles, fine jewery,carved animals from wood, and hundreds of quilts. They even make their own bread,muffins,ice cream and fudge ! Can you taste it ?

Weather in [the Blue Ridge Mountains

The four seasons make this place the most beautiful all year round. The winters in the valley get cold with little snow. The valley stays the warmest. Sking, snow baording and sleding  is  an option.

 During the spring ,the scents of all the flowers and trees surely make this time of year special and cool.
 The summers are nice and warm. Perfect weather for you and your kids to have a fun filled day at  Lake Lure.
 Fall is the pretiest time of year. Looking at the mountains from the top of Chimney Rock, are as if an artist has just painted an award winning canvas. You have got to see it to believe it.